The potential of an activity depends to a large extent, on the amount and the quality of resources at its disposal. Our logistic and technical resources have the potential to help us successfully complete all the projects we take on.

Full services

With a solid logistic and technical endowment and an ever growing territorial coverage, Indeco may provide full services for a wide range of wastes, with maximum results in terms of waste recovery and their reinsertion in the production circuit, as raw materials.

Nationwide coverage

Indeco provides its services in all corners of the country, either via its own lucrative facilities (opened in Pleasa – Prahova, Popesti – Ilfov, Zadareni – Arad, Ortisoara – Timis, Cluj) or via its preferred partners.

Logistical and technical efficiency

Handling and decanting machines and equipment (motor-pumps , forklifts) – transportation means: trucks and tanker trucks with loading capacities between 5 and 35 tones, small size utility vehicles, abroll trucks, vacuum trucks, with capacities between 5 sand 12 cubic meters – equipment and endowments specific to eco-cleaning works (vacuum trucks, multifunctional machineries, washing and decontamination equipment etc.) – waste processing equipment and installations (choppers, compactors, installations used to process oil wastes and contaminated wastewater) – storage facilities bearing various sizes (tankers, abroll containers, IBC recipients etc.)


Installation used to treat liquid wastewater contaminated with various hazardous substances

Fully automated, based on a very advanced technology, it completely removes all pollutants (heavy metals, oil products, volatile organic compounds, various chemical substances). It can process a wide range of wastes, such as used emulsions, washing liquids, various watery solutions and any wastes having a large water content, resulted from various industry activities.


Used oil processing installation

Mobile and easy to use, it deeply improves the quality of processed used oils, allowing them to be reinserted in the industrial circuit or to be employed as raw materials in the oil industry. The installation allows a wide range of oil residues to be treated - from those that are heavily degraded, such as car oils or oils used in thermal treatments, to those that are less affected by their primary use, such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils or transformer oils.


Plastic waste recycling line

Equipped with cutting edge technology, it insures the recycling of many waste categories (packages, car industry wastes etc.) containing various types of plastic in their composition (PE, PET, PVC, PP). Once processed, these items are turned into high quality raw materials, that are set to be used in the production of an extended line of plastic objects.