WASTE COLLECTING requires maximum care and responsibility. That’s why we are providing our clients both with documentation support (describing and categorising wastes according to the existing legislation in place, drafting specific documentation, carrying out various reporting duties requested by the authorities etc.) and with technical-logistical support (setting up waste storage and handling facilities, waste labelling etc.).



TRANSPORT is carried out using special vehicles and specialised personnel, authorised to operate in the field of waste transportation. We have a vehicle fleet capable of satisfying any waste transport request, regardless of the nature of the waste in question, in observance of all the legal provisions in place, in the field of waste transportation in Romania.



Wastes are STORED in dedicated spaces, specially designed for this purpose. Depending on the wastes’ type and compatibility, they are temporarily stored in our storage facilities, in order to be separated by categories, prepared and then processed for recycling or recovery purposes.



PROCESSING is a complex and very important operation in the waste life cycle. It consists of a multitude of operations (sorting, packaging, treating, purging, neutralising, handling etc.) carried out depending on the type of waste and its final destination.



RECOVERY may be the most important stage in a waste’s life cycle. Once it gets here, a piece of waste may become a source of energy or a raw material for various industrial and other kinds of processes.



DISPOSAL – this applies to those wastes that could not be safely recovered in any way, thus being incinerated or placed in final waste storage facilities specially designed and authorised for this purpose.

Wastes collected for recovery or disposal purposes

Indeco may deal with a wide range of wastes such as: liquid wastewater, washing solutions, used emulsions, industrial silts and slimes, package wastes, wastes coming from paints, oils and other similar materials, wastes coming from the car industry, the metallurgical industry, the tyre industry and other oil-based wastes, wastes generated by thermal processes, construction wastes, PCB wastes, used solvents, used acid or basic solutions, recyclable wastes (paper, plastic, metals, rubber, glass etc.).

Professional environment protection services

Eco-cleaning contaminated sites, machineries, installations, tanks

Monitoring environmental factors

Specialised environment-protection consultancy

Waste description and lab tests

Specialised technical and logistical support

TotalREC – An innovative service created by Indeco

This is an integrated service mainly dedicated to Car Service Stations and Dealerships - which provides 95% collection, transport, processing and recovery of the wastes generated by the activities carried out in a service station. What’s new in this package is the capability to deal with absolutely all types of wastes, and the possibility to send a large part of these wastes, to recycling and recovering units, rather than using the classic incineration and permanent storage solutions.